Matt makes things awkward for Brian at the shoot; Greg has had better days as a gamekeeper!

Radio Times: It’s chaos at the Home Farm Shoot.

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  • While they wait for the birds to rise, Matt causes Brian a few awkward moments by mentioning things like shooting in Scotland (Whoops!) and Debbie’s marriage – luckily, or otherwise, the birds fail to go up and Brian has to investigate. Apparently Greg forgot that Bill Sanderson had called in sick so there was no stop at the end of the drive. Watch out Greg – Brian’s on the warpath … !
  • Pat is helping Helen in the shop. Kirsty is on a long lunch break. She’s a bit fed up with Tom, who takes every opportunity to rope her in to promoting his sausages in Underwoods. Pat hopes Kirsty is coming to the family ‘do’ tonight, and Greg too? He’ll be a bit late because of the shoot, and could even be kidnapped by Michelle! Apparently she keeps ringing to demand he should spend Christmas in France with his girls. Pat thinks it’s very tactless of her, but Helen doesn’t mind – in fact she’s suggested Greg should go over in February.
  • After lunch, Brian tries in vain to avoid Matt, who now turns conversation indirectly to Siobhán. This drive is ruined by a young dog setting up far too many birds at once. Greg is sure that Brian will blame him again.
  • Tony has bought a ready-netted tree from the Grundy World of Christmas – big mistake, it would seem. But they decide to make the best of its unevenness as Eddie would hardly be likely to exchange it for them!
  • Matt objects to one of Eddie’s fliers on his windscreen on top of the two messed up drives – but Brian has already loaded some of his best claret and a bottle of cognac into Matt’s boot. After he leaves, Brian lets fly at William about his family’s fliers, and at Greg about the disastrous management of the day. Greg’ll be looking for another job if it ever happens again …
  • Helen has made some mulled wine for the jolly Christmassy family evening – it seems to have worked wonders on her usual querulous demeanour! In fact it works wonders on them all – Tony is delighted by the fact that his brother-in-law’s plans could go so awry, Greg feels the pain of his rough day melting away and even the tree is starting to look better, declares Pat!

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