Mabel and Satya agree Usha and Alan should be kept apart. Ed, Emma and George have the DNA tests completed.

Radio Times: Satya and Mabel find some common ground.

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  • David and Ruth are wondering if Jack might get an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List now he’s resigned from the Parish Council. There won’t be an election unless some busybody insists. Then Lynda turns up bringing a jar of jam. She has wound up the trust fund on the Cat and Fiddle. Apparently it’s not uncommon on heritage buildings. Lynda feels people will never trust her again.
  • Ed and Emma are off for their DNA tests. It will feel strange to get it all settled. The tests are done very easily. Lynda bumps into them and kindly offers to help them with furniture if they find a permanent place. She catches you by surprise sometimes. Ed is still nervous about the outcome of the tests but Emma is sure. As soon as it is settled, that’s when their new life together starts.
  • Satya comes for a tour of the farm but she seems more interested in the marital choices of the youth of Ambridge – most particularly Alan. She’s particularly shocked to hear from Ruth about having the drug addict Luke in his house when he had a young daughter. And she doesn’t get more impressed when she hears how many of the Archers were responsible for “dragging Usha into gambling”.
  • Mabel confronts Satya. Just because Satya is desperate to get rid of Usha doesn’t mean that they are right together. Satya persuades Mabel that she agrees. It would be a most unsuitable match. They agree they have a common aim in keeping them apart.

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