The news is out about the DNA test. Lynda is encouraged to think about the PC.

Radio Times: Lynda’s at her lowest ebb.

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  • Meeting her at the recycling depot, Lynda explains to Ruth that she is dumping almost everything associated with the Cat & Fiddle project; it was all for nothing. She didn’t go to the firework display last night and she will not be producing a Christmas show. She feels as if all her energy has been sucked out; she hopes the village will understand.
  • At the vicarage, Mabel explains what she has heard: it is all around the village that Will might not be George’s father and that all four have had DNA tests. The waiting will be difficult for them all, so Alan resolves to visit – but not today: he had planned to take the bike out but Mabel directs him to the garden instead.
  • At Brookfield too, Ruth reports about the leaked news – also about Lynda. David is thinking about a replacement for Jack on the Parish Council. Why not Lynda; she gets things done and she was really pathetic today.
  • Alan is pleased to take a break from gardening when Usha and Satya stroll by. He and Usha manage to divert the two older women for long enough to arrange to meet on Thursday for an early show and a meal afterwards. Both are finding that their ‘minder’ will scarcely let them out of her sight. Now Alan has another visitor – Lynda.
  • Lynda explains her reasons but Alan will not take over production of a show. He does, however, put into her mind the idea of filling the vacancy on the Parish Council. As he later explains to Mabel, he would not take on a Christmas show because he is trying to carve out a bit of time for himself; she advises him to mind how he uses it!

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