Nigel finds Julia dead in bed. Lynda volunteers for the PC.

Radio Times: David fights for democracy.

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  • David is making no progress with Lewis, who is flattered to be asked to consider joining the Parish Council but declines. Hayley assures David that Roy has also turned it down and will not change his mind – if he knows what is good for him! Lewis is fully occupied curbing Julia’s ambitions for producing a Christmas show. An agitated Nigel interrupts …
  • Still no luck! Tony will not consider the PC either. He has resumed work a little earlier than he should, rather than pay Neil any longer, and is exhausted by the end of the day. However, he can manage a meeting of dairy farmers this evening.
  • Jack is confused; he has heard Ivy Horobin talking about Will possibly not being George’s father but does not understand. Tony suggests to his mother that she needs a break but she has other ideas: a winter holiday with Jack.
  • A volunteer is worth two pressed men – and Lynda is volunteering. David promises to put her offer to an informal PC meeting on Thursday but further conversation is curtailed by a call from Nigel: could David come over – mummy is dead.
  • The sudden death has knocked Lewis for six, Nigel too. Elizabeth (who can probably bear the loss more readily than most) is coping single-handed with a big conference. David suggests that, although they cannot make any arrangements until a death certificate is issued in a day or two, a call to the vicar of Loxley Barrett might be a good move. Nobody feels like eating, although Hayley insists that they should. Nigel intends to collect the children from school and tell them. It is so strange without her; she was an amazing woman.

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