Phoebe is thoroughly spoiled by Kate, much to Hayley’s annoyance.

Radio Times: Hayley gets a rival.

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  • Phoebe is artful enough to exploit the presence of two mums in her life, one for everyday who keeps her in line and one who has just blown in administering treats. Hayley objects to Phoebe being taken out of school today for a trip to Birmingham.
  • Kate is renewing her acquaintance with horse riding before the trip. Alice being so envious of life in South Africa, Kate invites her to come and stay – take a gap year, stay six months and then travel. Before that, Alice invites herself to go along on today’s outing.
  • Nigel and Elizabeth have talked to the vicar and they think that Thursday would be the best day for the funeral. Any day will do for Lewis. At least they interest him in thinking about music and readings. Usha calls to express her condolences and to tell them that Alan intends to call. Elizabeth admits to Usha that she did not always hit it off with Julia; now she will never have to be exasperated again.
  • The day trippers are having a whale of a time. Kate raises the spectre of Phoebe staying at Home Farm overnight; by the time she and Alice have talked it up, Roy cannot do much about it. (Hayley is not going to like this.)
  • Back at Willow Farm, Hayley is unburdening herself to Emma, who has her own problems with Will having access to George. As well as her influence on Phoebe, Hayley is not happy about Kate’s flirty behaviour with Roy. When the travellers return they have a present for her – a tea towel – how thoughtful! Emma looks on and observes that it may well be like this for her and Ed.

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