The impending test results weigh heavily on William; rather unwisely he snaps at Matt.

Radio Times: Will’s temper goes off with a bang.

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  • Clarrie is worried and up earlier than she need be. Eddie is up too but he is helping William with a shoot. The whole village is talking and Clarrie keeps thinking about what happened to Greg.
  • Matt and Lilian are on the shoot and starting the day with some lubrication. Matt enjoys winding up Lilian and Jennifer about what Jack might get up to in La Manga; Peggy is taking him there for some winter sun.
  • Will is annoyed because so few birds have been shot, entirely because Matt Crawford has been messing about and distracting others. They will still expect a 200 bird shoot, so he will have to put on an extra drive. Even Lilian’s patience is wearing thin.
  • At lunch William cannot contain his frustration and has a go at Matt, who reminds him who pays his wages. He should leave his personal problems at the gate and if he ever talks to Matt that way again he will lose his job as well as his wife and kid.
  • Clarrie gets the full story later and it only increases her concern because, although Lilian calmed Matt and Jennifer won’t tell Brian, it indicates the problems that lie ahead when (Clarrie no longer thinks ‘if’) the test results show that George is Ed’s baby. It will break William’s heart.

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