Tom is furious about the article in the Echo. Alan and Usha have to meet in secret.

Radio Times: Alan and Usha revisit their youth.

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  • Just a coffee for breakfast is not enough! Usha thinks it is. She has to be rather economical with the truth about her plans for this evening. Satya intends to have a day filling up Usha’s freezer and resists any suggestion that she might find a friend to share her perspective on the village.
  • At Bridge Farm, Pat and Tony take a look at the Echo’s local food supplement. Oh dear, Tom is not going to like this.
  • Tom is even now delivering a copy, and his opinion about it, to Jennifer – Brian being away. She is rather pleased with a big colour picture; Tom is there too, with the pigs, passport size and in black and white. He is not pleased.
  • Alan has had a meeting with the Bishop who is trying to set up an inter-faith consultation group; Usha does not wish to be volunteered. Having enjoyed their clandestine meeting, a film and a meal they head for Usha’s; she is convinced that Auntie, who has walked to Bridge Farm and back and been cooking for the rest of the day, will be fast asleep.
  • Tony does very well, resisting the temptation to tell his son that he told him so. He is very grateful to Tom for his help during the recent crisis and wishes him luck with the new order, about to start; they settle down to watch a TV programme together – that’s not happened for a while.
  • It soon becomes clear that Satya is not fast asleep; Alan and Usha have just a few moments to say goodnight – too few it would seem. It has been a lovely evening; they will be in touch, if they can shake off their minders!

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