Lynda and William exchange advice and encouragement.

Radio Times: It’s the clash of the titans for Julia and Lynda.

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  • How can David tell Lynda that she is not wanted by the PC? Better think quickly because she cannot stand the suspense and has called at Brookfield on her way to work. He does his best, even trying to divert her attention back to the Christmas show – do it memory of Julia.
  • For Nigel, it feels as if he is sleepwalking; Shula knows something of it from when Mark died. Mummy died of a stroke. He is now head of the family – has been for some time in practice – but now he is really on his own.
  • David’s conscience has got the better of him; he has decided to tell Lynda that, if she musters ten signatures she can force a bi-election anyway.
  • Will and Lynda have a common purpose – a quiet time in the woods to think. William apologises for shouting at her last time when she had Scruff with her; he realises that he has to keep his temper under control. Lynda tells of her disappointment with the PC and William, thinking back to what the late George Barford told him, is able to point out that co-option is not possible yet anyway. William, of course, is waiting for those test results, as the whole village must know. Lynda hopes that he and Emma can find a way through and encourages him to keep fighting, to stay strong for George.
  • At Lower Loxley, Elizabeth is helping Nigel choose something appropriate in which to dress Julia – and reassuring him that, not only Lewis, but Nigel too made her happy; she was proud of him. He is going to miss her.

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