Ruth is forced to play piggy-in-the-middle and Hayley feels trapped in the middle.

Radio Times: Mabel and Satya get tactical.

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  • There’s a good turn-out for the Remembrance service, as the Archer clan show support for Nigel. While Lynda is busy collecting signatures to force a parish Council by-election, Mabel corners Ruth and demands that she put a stop to the growing relationship between Alan and Usha. Ruth digs her toes in; she’s Usha’s friend, and wouldn’t dream of interfering.
  • As Roy, Hayley and Kate take Phoebe to the Safari Park, Hayley’s mood grows blacker. Kate is undermining her by giving Phoebe endless sweets and treats, all at Roy’s expense, and now she’s suggesting that Phoebe come to South Africa with Brian and Jennifer. Roy seems to go along with it, and when Kate says they could come too, using their savings for the fare, he’s keen.
  • Just as Ruth finds sanctuary in the cowshed, Satya bears down on her, insisting that she put a stop to Usha and Alan’s ‘friendship.’ Once again, Ruth finds herself refusing to interfere in her friend’s private life.
  • Alan escapes from Mabel for an hour, and brings a book round for Pip. He tells a sympathetic Ruth how hard it’s been with Mabel glowering over him and Usha. Ruth takes a predictably common-sense line; why don’t they just declare to the world that they’re an item so that Mabel and Satya can come to terms with it. She tells a speechless Alan to get on with it when he next sees Usha.

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