The truth about baby George is revealed.

Radio Times: It’s D-Day in the Grundy household.

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  • Tensions run high in the Carter and Grundy households as they await the post with the results of the DNA tests. It’s hardest for Clarrie; whichever way it goes, one of her sons will be hurt.
  • Ed’s busy at Grange Farm, but is interrupted by a jubilant Will; he’s George’s father, not Ed, and he can’t wait to humiliate his brother with the news. He says Ed is welcome to Emma, but he’s going to take George. Fists fly, and poor Caroline is floored as she tries to separate them. Ed jumps in his car and speeds off.
  • A hysterical Emma arrives just too late to stop Ed. She rounds on Will, who triumphantly tells her he’s given Ed the truth, and now he’s off to tell his parents.
  • Susan does her best to comfort Emma, who’s convinced Ed won’t want to see her again. He does text her, but doesn’t say where he is.
  • Eddie shares Will’s delight, but Clarrie has very mixed feelings. She can’t bear to contemplate what it will do to Ed. Will doesn’t share her concern; he just thinks that, as usual, Ed has run away from his problems.
  • Neil thinks the news might be for the best. Maybe Emma will come to her senses and patch things up with Will. Susan says there’s no chance of that. In many ways she wishes Ed had been the father. That way they could have moved on, but as things are, Will’s prepared to fight for his child, and he won’t care who gets hurt in the process.

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