Hayley finds a shoulder to cry on. Ed maps out his life.

Radio Times: Hayley looks for some words of wisdom.

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  • Hayley is feeling very low, as Roy and Kate take Phoebe off for yet another outing without any reference to her. She tells Betty about Kate’s plan for them all to go to South Africa for Christmas, and Betty’s as appalled as Hayley at the prospect of Roy spending all their savings on that. It seems as though Kate has him hypnotised. Yes, says Betty grimly, that’s just how it always was.
  • Emma continues to wait for Ed to phone. Neil tries to persuade her to come up to the house for the evening, but she won’t listen. Will’s phoned to tell her he’ll be seeking residency for George, and is seeing his solicitor about it tomorrow.
  • Susan pours her heart out to Betty; she wishes Emma had never got married, and she doesn’t know how she’ll ever face Clarrie again. But she does manage to put her troubles aside for a few minutes to hear Betty’s problems, but they’re interrupted by Neil, furious that Ed’s gone off leaving them to clear up the mess.
  • But Ed hasn’t gone off; he returns to the caravan, and is surprised that Emma could ever have thought he’d abandon her. It doesn’t matter what the piece of paper said, Emma and George belong with him, and that’s where they’re going to stay.

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