Betty takes Hayley’s side. Brian makes a generous offer. Will gets some bad news.

Radio Times: Betty attempts some damage control.

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  • Roy spends a last day with Kate and Phoebe, and then has a drink at the Bull with Will, who’s upset because his solicitor has told him there is little chance of his obtaining a Residency order for George; to do that he’d have to prove that Emma wasn’t a fit mother, and he knows that’s not true. So all he can do is negotiate access, and to do that he’ll have to talk directly to Emma.
  • Brian returns from his trip to Hungary, but is evasive about his visit to Siobhán and Ruaridh. He tries to stall Jenny by singing Debbie’s praises, but she forces him to tell her the truth. He admits that Dieter, Siobhán’s new partner, is a good father to Ruaridh, and that’s what really matters.
  • The manipulative Kate has little trouble in getting Brian to agree to pay Phoebe’s fare to South Africa. She rings Betty, asking her to tell Roy, and Betty seizes the opportunity to tell her son exactly what she thinks of the way he’s been treating Hayley. Roy seems genuinely puzzled, so Betty tells him that Hayley has already told her about the plan to go to South Africa, and that he’d better make sure he tells Hayley how much she means to him.

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