Nigel says goodbye to Julia. Roy says goodbye to Kate. Brian won’t say goodbye to Ruaridh.

Radio Times: David dusts off his psychiatrist’s couch.

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  • As they say goodbye to Kate at the airport, Roy tells Hayley how sorry he is for the way he and Kate sidelined her. He’s taken Hayley for granted, not realising how hard it has all been for her, and he tells her how much he loves her. To Roy’s surprise, Hayley’s had a change of heart; she thinks it would be a great opportunity for Phoebe to go to South Africa for Christmas. Roy suggests that they go to Hayley’s family for Christmas.
  • Nigel tearfully practises his reading for the funeral, worried that he might let Julia down in this final act.
  • As they wait for the funeral to begin, Tom seizes the opportunity to tell David how he feels about Brian’s handling of the Echo feature. With perfect timing, Brian appears, and gives Tom a lot of flannel about appealing to an older market, airily justifying his behaviour. They are saved from further argument by the arrival of Julia’s horsedrawn hearse.
  • Nigel and Lewis read ‘Fear no more the heat of the sun’ and the funeral gets under way. Later, Nigel thanks Lewis for making Julia so happy, and thanks Lizzie for everything she did. He is touched when Lizzie says – truthfully – that she will miss Julia.
  • Julia’s wake provides the perfect opportunity for Brian to tell David how hard it was to see Siobhán and Dieter play happy families. They spoke in German, which he couldn’t understand, and Ruaridh speaks it, too. But he’s determined to find some way of being Ruaridh’s father …
  • Clarrie tells Betty that William is lower than ever after seeing his solicitor. He’s got to meet Emma to discuss George’s future, and Clarrie can’t bear to think what will happen if they can’t work something out.

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