Usha makes her feelings clear. Emma wants to run away.

Radio Times: The battle lines are drawn for Will and Emma.

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  • Ruth admits to Usha that both Mabel and Satya tried to persuade her to put a stop to Usha and Alan’s romance. Usha coyly tries to pretend that there’s nothing between them, but Ruth knows better, and tells her friend to get on with it. Usha is not amused. David comments that it’s hard being a confidante, as he knows only too well after Brian bent his ear at the funeral.
  • A tense Emma lets Will in, but makes it clear that she’s not giving way. George needs his routine and he needs her, so Will can forget about more access. Will loses his temper, tells Emma she’s selfish, and that she has to recognise that he’s George’s father. Emma retorts that she doesn’t want George to be his son; she’s with Ed now, and they are George’s family.
  • Alan goes to Usha’s for a meal, and they laugh about Mabel and Satya’s attempts to come between them. Alan thinks it added to the fun, and the pair suddenly realise that that’s the attraction; they always have fun together. Alan hesitantly admits that he’s become very close to Usha, and they kiss – but then Alan gets flustered, says he’s sorry and apologises. A puzzled Usha asks why he’s so upset; it’s what she’s wanted for a long time. Alan asks her if she realises what she might be getting herself into, and Usha tells him that she’s fully aware of the problems, but she think he’s worth it. So, she says firmly, what are we waiting for?
  • Ed comes home from work to find Emma in tears. Life is a mess, and she can’t see a way out. She begs Ed to take them to France now, before Will can stop them. They’ve got nothing to lose.

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