Ed and Emma decide to leave for France straight away – with or without a job.

Radio Times: Emma makes contingency plans.

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  • Emma persuades Ed to use his parents’ phone to call France to see if he can start his job early. He’s very nervous. But they don’t want him any sooner. Emma is very disappointed but Ed didn’t want to put them off by pushing any more. She can’t stand it anymore and she is not going to let Will see George again. Then she decided they should leave for France anyway – get something temporary. She wants to just go and Ed finally agrees.
  • Clarrie is still pretty depressed. She doesn’t know where she is. Where did things start going wrong. They certainly don’t have much to celebrate for their wedding anniversary tomorrow.
  • Ruth is making Christmas puddings for Stir Up Sunday. It will be a bit quieter this year. Elizabeth had already invited everyone to Lower Loxley before Julia died. So they will go over there for tea. Usha says her Christmas might be a bit different now she and Alan are “walking out together”. So Ruth can stop interfering now!
  • Lynda is trying to persuade Alan to join in the Christmas show but he thinks he’s entitled to a year off. He’s got far better things to do. Usha is a bit surprised he hasn’t mentioned anything to Amy yet. Usha still thinks it might be because Alan might want to change his mind. But he certainly reassures her on that score.

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