Clarrie tries to make peace between Eddie, William and Ed but with no luck.

Radio Times: Eddie celebrates a successful marriage.

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  • Eddie is still thinking about getting for Christmas with the turkeys and geese. And they’ll need extra help without Ed to help. Should be able to sell them though. Joe tries to convince Eddie to be more reasonable about Ed for Clarrie’s sake but he just won’t talk about it.
  • Clarrie bumps into Ed looking after George on the Green. He tries to explain that the test results don’t make any difference to him. They are a family now. Nothing is going to change that.
  • Ruth has had to tell Lynda that the election to the Parish Council won’t be until the New Year. But at least that will give her chance to plan her campaign.
  • William tells Clarrie that Emma had just gone out when he was supposed to pick up George. She seems more determined than ever that he won’t see George. Clarrie tries to convince William to see things from Emma’s point of view but he sees that as Clarrie being on Ed’s side. But William is determined they aren’t going to get away with it. William also offers to take a day off work to help with the turkeys. Eddie is pleased he’s at least got one son he can rely on.
  • Clarrie wishes Eddie wouldn’t make it a question of sides. She thinks it’s decent that Ed is standing by Emma and George. He loves them both. But Eddie doesn’t see he has any right to love his brother’s child. Ed never thinks of anyone except himself. And now he’s spoiling their anniversary. Ed should just have walked away.

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