Nigel is determined to track down Eunice – an old friend of Julia. Emma decides to be cooperative with Ed so he doesn’t find their plans to leave.

Radio Times: Alan and Usha keep a low profile.

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  • Alan and Usha are Christmas shopping. Maybe a pashmina for Mabel. Alan still hasn’t mentioned his and Usha’s relationship to Amy. He’s not sure how she will react. He’s not had a serious girlfriend since her mother died.
  • Ed has got the train tickets from Dover for next Wednesday. It’s going to be hard to keep it all a secret. Ed is still very unsure about everything – at least he’d want to tell Oliver but Emma is adamant he shouldn’t. Ed doesn’t think she is being fair to Oliver but Emma doesn’t think she can trust him – he would at least tell Caroline and she’d never stand by and let them take George out of the country. Emma tries to convince him they are doing the right thing. Even though it’s not going to be easy. They have no choice.
  • Nigel and Lewis are sorting through Julia’s effects. They have found a lot of letters from “Eunice”. It seems they were in a show together – possibly the last show she was in before her marriage. Nigel is worried she might have had regrets. It would be sad if that was why she had lost touch with Eunice. So Eunice won’t know how much she had meant to Julia.
  • Elizabeth bumps into Usha and Alan doing their Christmas shopping. She’s very pleased they are happy. But things are still a bit tough for Lewis and Nigel. Nigel is convinced that Julia would want to have the letters so she can see how much she meant to Julia.
  • Emma and Ed begin to start their preparations for leaving. Emma still doesn’t want to let Will see George but she realises that now isn’t the time to start being difficult. They don’t want him turning up unexpectedly. So she arranges to see him tomorrow afternoon.

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