Nigel has tracked down Eunice. Will is suspicious about why Emma seems to being suddenly agreeable.

Radio Times: Roy passes on the wealth of his experience.

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  • Lynda is planning to buy a goose from Eddie to show her support. Coriander is coming to visit for Christmas with her boyfriend and she is waiting to hear from Leonie. Despite the Christmas plans, she is already gearing up for the New Year parish council elections.
  • Emma tries to convince Will that she is being more reasonable. She’s prepared to let him try to have a night with George and if that goes well, perhaps even some more times…
  • Joe is annoyed Lynda is running late for her Christmas show auditions. Lots of other people got fed up and left too. He’s a bit depressed about the whole Christmas thing but Lynda tries to encourage him to go for something a bit more cheering – The Oxen by Thomas Hardy.
  • Nigel has managed to track down Eunice. He’s found she’s still alive and in an old peoples’ home. He’s going to visit her to explain how much she meant to Julia.
  • Roy points out to Will that Emma might be making plans by suddenly being nice. He reminds him that Kate tried to take Phoebe out of the country. Roy wonders if Will has had an answer to his advert in Farmers’ Weekly. Will will check it out. They aren’t taking George away from him.

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