Marjorie warns Roy not to get too comfortable in his parents home, at the expense of his wife’s happiness.

Radio Times: Marjorie has some words of wisdom.

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  • Roy calls in at the village shop on his way to the Laurels; Marjorie is coming to tea at Willow Farm. Ruth also calls in and Betty lets slip that the reason the Harveys didn’t go to their Beef Tasting was David’s court case. Anyway it was a success and brought several new orders.
  • Marjorie is really looking forward to seeing the family in their new home. She worries how Hayley has taken to it; she hasn’t said much about it. But then Marjorie feels that Hayley wouldn’t tell her anyway; she blames herself that the young family have lost their home.
  • David is not surprised by Ruth’s news; he must brace himself for more when the Echo comes out.
  • Marjorie has a splendid tea and while Hayley busies herself in the kitchen, Betty explains that her oven is a bit temperamental and Hayley is not used to it. Marjorie is keen to talk to Hayley on their own, like they used to do.
  • David relays a message from Usha; she will ring again later. Apparently the rather reserved accountant, Ashok, whom she met a year ago (and who made a bigger impression on Ruth than on Usha) is back and is a changed man.
  • On the way home Marjorie explains to Roy that her concern about Hayley is borne of her own experience. She and Teddy used to stay with his mother between postings; nice for him, not for her. Silly little things (like the oven!) would upset her and he was so happy about being her little boy again that he did not notice that Marjorie was unhappy. A few words of reassurance would have made all the difference; it’s important to express your feelings. Although Roy has not yet found a new home, he mustn’t stop looking.

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