Foursquare is revealed and gets his cum-uppance. Kenton will be playing the part of Joseph!

Radio Times: Elizabeth has advice for Usha.

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  • Jennifer would really like to trace the woman who called an ambulance to Brian but he cannot remember anything and gets quite agitated in the face of being ‘badgered’.
  • Usha is helping Lynda with the website and is roped in to play a wise man, despite not being a Christian. She is keen to know whether Foursquare has taken the bait and when they look – he has! “Please send 2 copies of 1001 Practical Jokes to Mike Tucker, c/o Jaxx Kaff …”. So it’s Kenton Archer!
  • Caroline is interested to know how Marjorie’s visit went and surmises that Hayley must have been especially pleased to see her, as they were quite close. Roy was aware that Marjorie’s remarks were aimed at him but is not fully convinced that they apply; he is very grateful to his mum for standing by him. Incidentally, Ed may not say it but Oliver’s interest probably kept him out of prison. That will cheer him up: someone is pulling down the hunt posters.
  • Brian apologises for snapping at Jennifer; he tries a hug but the ribs are a bit too painful.
  • Kenton is not best pleased to see Lynda as his poker school is starting shortly but she is not to be put off. Faced with the evidence he admits to being Foursquare. What about the people he has upset, Joe and Usha, for example, and Mike Tucker; Lynda was never so embarrassed as when she confronted Mike. Posting an apology is just not good enough. Lynda will be telling the whole village, starting with his family unless he pays her price. Joseph it is then! (Who was it gave her the idea of blackmail!)

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