There’s a show-down at Bridge Farm after Pat interferes over Greg’s Christmas plans.

Radio Times: Usha takes the plunge. (That’s what RT says!)

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  • Greg is doing Pat a favour by taking some veg into Borchester but she seizes the opportunity to voice some misgivings about his Christmas arrangements, with his two girls. The temperature rises and Pat’s parting shot is that, contrary to Greg’s impression, Helen is not looking forward to the occasion as much as he; in fact she is dreading it.
  • At Home Farm there’s no Adam for lunch; he’s too busy. Brian muses that one good thing to come out of the accident is that he has had time to think and appreciate what a tower of strength Adam has been. He must not make the same mistake as with Debbie, not appreciating her until it is too late.
  • Along with the veg, Greg conveys to Helen the gist of his earlier conversation. She has to admit to some worries that it might all be a bit more complicated than he thinks but she assures him that she does want the girls to come.
  • Brian takes a call on his mobile and is delighted to find Debbie on the end of the phone. He has lots of questions about France and her job and assures her that he is on the mend, all the better for hearing her. She clearly had wanted to speak to him because she rang the mobile and when the call is over he shares with Jenny that she called him ‘Dad’; it was the first thing she said, ‘Hello Dad’. He had feared that she would never do that again.
  • Helen returns to Bridge Farm. Her mother had no right to interfere. Helen had reservations but was waiting for a good moment. It’s not her way to bully Greg as her mother does her Dad. (Ouch!) She was handling the situation, as she had handled Sonja’s visit. Now she has to start all over again.

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