Matt admits BL has pulled out of the digester. The valuation arrives for Bridge Farm and Tony wants to negotiate himself.

Radio Times: Matt gives a hard lesson in business.

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  • The day of the digester meeting and David is already wound up when Matt is late. When he does he admits Borchester Land are going ahead with Loxley Norton. In the end he put the fault down to the rest of them. Matt had wanted food waste from the start. They need to look closer to home for someone to blame. Once Matt has left, after some moaning, they agree to go back to Carl to ask if there is anything that can be salvaged. Debbie seems to have gone cool on the digester anyway and Adam thinks it’s because she no longer feels she can really trust Brian. Adam feels the same.
  • The valuation arrives for Bridge Farm. The price is likely to be around £1 million. Pat is surprised when Tony says he wants to do the negotiation himself. But they will have to pitch their initial offer as low as possible.

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