Ed and Emma move into Rickyard. Tom decides to limit his work with Gourmet Grills.

Radio Times: The wait is over for Ed and Emma.

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  • Tom is already finding all the extra work exhausting. And he and Tony are annoyed that BL haven’t responded to their offer on the farm. Brenda says they are being unreasonable but Tom won’t have anything of it. He is determined to be miserable about everything.
  • Ed and Emma are enjoying moving into Rickyard. It’s going to be great having their own place.
  • Oliver bumps into Jolene at a country fair and tries to teach her to shoot clay pigeons with limited success. Tom had a bad day at the fair with Gourmet Grills. He is going to concentrate on only the profitable shows from now on and leave the small ones. Later in the Bull, Tom is even more annoyed when Oliver mentions Brenda’s graduation and that she might be working for Matt.

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