Peggy gives Maria the sack after Jack becomes distressed. Eddie tells William about Ed and Emma in Rickyard and William seems okay with it.

Radio Times: Eddie is the bearer of bad news for Will.

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  • Ed and Joe are on their way to Gloucester to visit Will but meanwhile Joe is keen to move into Ed’s room. Not sure how everything will fit but he is thinking about asking Lynda for a Feng Shui consultation.
  • Peggy is still really anxious about leaving Jack with Maria but Jack seems happy enough listening to music and having cheese on toast. She does eventually go but when she comes back Jack is in a panic. She becomes furious with Maria even when Maria says it’s normal. And Peggy gets even more cross when Maria suggests medication and insists she must go.
  • William is happy to meet the family. But Eddie knows he has bad news to break about Rickyard. When Eddie tells him he isn’t surprised but isn’t impressed to hear it’s Brookfield. He seems reasonably okay but Eddie isn’t convinced.

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