Lilian tells Matt she is sick and tired of him causing trouble in her family.

Radio Times: Lilian referees for Matt and Tony.

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  • Will still seems to be okay about Emma and Ed moving in even if he isn’t thrilled and he has heard from Nic again though he says they are just mates. Pat, meanwhile, is still frustrated about not hearing from Borchester Land.
  • Susan is still worrying about the shop not paying its way. Shows it was a good idea to convert the flat. Another source of income. Susan is determined that Christopher and Alice are in a serious relationship but Jennifer is equally determined it was just a casual fling.
  • Lilian, Pat and Jennifer hold a war council about what to do about Peggy sacking Maria. Jennifer wants to try to persuade Peggy to give Maria another chance, but even if they convinced Peggy, Lilian thinks Maria will have been snapped up by now.
  • Lynda has managed to get her photos into Borchester Life and Susan is still upset about the picture of her. She is also upset that the children won’t be around to celebrate her birthday. The house is so empty without Emma and George.
  • Lilian has a go at Matt because he won’t get back to Pat and Tony on their offer. But Matt says their offer isn’t even serious and he won’t discuss it until they come up with something sensible. Lilian tells him she is sick to death of him causing trouble in her family and they just don’t need it right now.

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