Matt proves his worth at The Lodge. Brian gives Tom a hard time.

Radio Times: The stress takes its toll on Peggy.

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  • There’s a distinct chill in the air at the Dower House as Matt gets ready for a round of Golf. Lilian is worried about Peggy, so has declined Shula’s offer of a ride. Matt thinks she’s fussing, so Lilian pointedly informs him that he doesn’t understand families. Matt gives in with fairly good grace, and tells Lilian to go riding; he’ll call at the Lodge and drop a book off for Peggy.
  • There’s another chill in the air at Home Farm when Jennifer tells Brian that Debbie wants her to go to Hungary to meet Marshall, and that Christopher is enjoying his weekend with Alice. The chill becomes a positive freeze when Brian asks Tom whether he’s done the figures for the bacon project yet. Tom’s been too busy, and this doesn’t go down well with Brian.
  • Matt can’t get an answer at the Lodge, but eventually a distressed and frightened Jack answers the door. Matt finds Peggy semi-conscious; she’s had a stroke. He rings for an ambulance and then rings Lilian.
  • At last the ambulance arrives, and takes Peggy to the Stroke Unit. Lilian goes with her, and Matt makes a heroic effort to calm and comfort Jack, who is increasingly upset and confused. A cup of tea seems to do the trick, and Matt settles down to await news of Peggy.

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