Matt admits that he misses Lilian but thinks it too late to get her back.

Radio Times: Matt’s social skills are found wanting.

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  • Matt has been invited to dinner at Grange Farm; fed up with staring at the walls, he turns up early.
  • A very anxious Clarrie calls on her neighbour; she has lost a folder with some papers and hopes that Kathy has found it – alas, no.
  • Matt proclaims, rather too much, the benefits of being single. He is also rather dismissive of the bio-digester project. With the aid of several glasses of wine he admits that he has been hurt by Debbie not telling him about the bio-digester and more importantly he is missing Lilian; he has never felt this way about anyone before. In response to Oliver’s teasing, he says he knows it would be a waste of time to beg Lilian to come back – he has left it too late.
  • What is upsetting Clarrie is that she has lost all her slimming club records. What is she going to do? Eddie is not much help: he hasn’t the energy to look for the folder because he is under-nourished. Kathy reassures her that the slimmers will probably remember their own weights; it will be fine.
  • Oliver decides that Matt should not drive home. He admits to Caroline that when he teased Matt he had not realised the state he was in. They are surprised to find that they feel quite sorry for him.

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