Matt and Lilian make plans for the future. Helen tells Kirsty her plans for the future. Kenton looks to the immediate future.

Radio Times: Helen finds a confidante and Matt and Lilian face a big decision.

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  • Pat tells Helen how productive her meeting with David was. She’ll hire a minibus to take people from the wetlands area up to Brookfield, where Bridge Farm products will be on sale. She’s also asked Jill for a veal and ham pie recipe, which might cheer Tom up.
  • Kenton’s got first night nerves as the grand opening of Jaxx draws near. Kirsty is reassuring, so Kenton feels he can begin to make plans for a Christmas trip to New Zealand with Kathy and Jamie.
  • At the Dower House, Lilian has thrown herself into Amside Properties. She’s done all the research into the properties they’ve viewed, and even Matt is impressed. He’s going to ring his builder straight away.
  • In the shop, Kirsty comments on Helen’s new-found happiness. She’s sure there must be a new man in it, but when Helen tells her about the baby, Kirsty is lost for words. She soon rallies, and tells Helen how calm, loving and patient she’ll be a mother. Helen is touched, and wishes she’d told Kirsty earlier. Meanwhile Kirsty assures her that her job at Jaxx won’t affect her work at the shop, and that she’ll provide maternity cover for Helen.
  • Matt still thinks the Hillside properties are the ones to go for; Lilian is sold on the Edwardian pub. Proud of Lilian’s new business acumen, and grateful for her financial support, Matt suggests going for both of them. With supreme dramatic irony he says they’ll buy them before someone else snaps them up.

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