Matt digs his heels in. Adam hears some good news.

Radio Times: Matt stands his ground with Sid.

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  • It seems that Lilian has long outstayed her welcome at the Bull. Jolene complains that Lilian’s grandiose schemes don’t involve carrying them out. Sid tries to placate Jolene, but in the end is forced to go and ask Matt to take steps to fetch Lilian home.
  • As Jenny is at Peggy’s, Brian suggests lunch at the Bull to Adam. Churlish Adam accepts grudgingly, saying there’s usually an agenda when Brian issues an invitation.
  • Sid finds Matt dishevelled and the house in a mess, so helps to tidy up. Matt refuses point blank to ask Lilian to come home. He believes that he is now the injured party. Anyway, he’s got to meet a young woman – and it’s not Annabelle. When Sid returns, having failed in his mission to get rid of Lilian, Jolene is less than pleased. Brian comments that he’s just glad she didn’t come to Home Farm.
  • Brian wastes no time in telling Adam his thinking about the biodigester. He wants to hand it (and all the profits) over to Adam, Debbie, David and Ruth. Adam is delighted, and can’t wait to tell Debbie. Significantly, he fails to pick up on Brian’s comment about ‘seeing his solicitor on another matter.’
  • Matt’s mystery date is none other than a trip to the skylark plots with Pip. Matt appears to have respect for Pip’s determination and commitment, and when she asks for a lift to Felpersham, he takes her.
  • Pip arrives at the hospital. She couldn’t face a big family visit. She’s clearly concerned about Ruth, but tells her mum that if it’s what she wanted, then Pip is glad for her. Ruth is very touched. Having said her piece, Pip settles down to watch the television.

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