There are strong words at Home Farm over Brian’s plans for Ruairidh’s inheritance.

Radio Times: Brian reveals his true intentions.

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  • David is taking the children to see their mum, with warnings not to jump on her and the promise of one of Granny’s suppers on their return.
  • Brian has something on his mind – Jenny can tell that – and he is ready to tell her what it is. He has been thinking about the future of the farm, about his will, in the light of all the changes lately. Kate and Alice will, as planned get one of the holiday cottages each, plus some cash. Should Jenny survive him, Home Farm will be her home for the rest of her life. After that it will go down the line, to Debbie and Adam. Nothing new so far. But he wants to include Ruairidh.
  • Ruth is out of bed but only for an hour or two; the pain is tolerable, thanks to an epidural – she is not looking forward to that coming to an end.
  • Jennifer simply cannot believe it. Brian is depriving Debbie and Adam of their inheritance. She should have known that all this “hands on” activity had an ulterior motive. She knew that he would want to leave something for Ruairidh but on a par with his provision for the two girls. He is not even “our” child – to which Brian cannot resist pointing out that Debbie and Adam are also not “ours”. Ruairidh is his son; of course his share would be in trust. He is growing up on a farm and he might want to be a farmer – and he might not. Jennifer feels that Ruairidh could prevent Debbie and Adam from getting what is their due for commitment, body and soul, to the farm. What Brian proposes is not fair to Debbie, Adam or Jennifer but if he is intent on creating this mess, she hopes he is ready to live with the consequences.

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