Ruth comes through her operation and Brian delights Jennifer with his plan for the farm’s digester project.

Radio Times: The waiting is over for Ruth.

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  • Ruth’s big day has arrived and she is up very early, not being able to sleep. Her mum is up too. Ruth is aware that Pip is worried about this operation.
  • Brian is just back from taking Ruairidh to school; he went in without a backward glance – why was Brian worried about that school? Jennifer is keen to know about Brian’s discussion with the accountant yesterday and so she shall – over breakfast. The accountant is all for the new project, but furthermore Brian is proposing to hand over the project to the next generation while he and Jennifer take a back seat. Jennifer is thrilled and can hardly wait to tell Adam and Debbie.
  • On the way to the hospital, Ruth does not want to listen to the radio; she could also do without David’s chat over farming costs, though they both know that it is intended as a diversion.
  • The next time they talk is as Ruth wakes after the operation, when it’s all over. They might get Ruth moving tomorrow; she is determined to be up to seeing the children tomorrow. Ruth appreciates that David has been by her bedside waiting for her to wake; that’s because he loves her – more than ever.

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