Heather comes, Ruth prepares to go and Lilian is staying put.

Radio Times: The support team arrives at Brookfield.

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  • Ruth is making ready for her departure from the household but David manages to interrupt her work long enough for a cuddle – they won’t be able to do that again for a while. David reminds her that it is elective surgery and she could pull out if she wants to – but she doesn’t want to.
  • It’s Kathy’s birthday and she is late for work, though in the present climate that is not a problem, as Elizabeth is quick to reassure her. Kenton took her out to dinner last night and they maybe overdid the wine, so she overslept. There’s much to do: Nigel’s Shire horse stock has arrived in the shop.
  • Heather arrives at Brookfield to hold the fort. She confirms that she rang Professor Jim and arranged to meet when his plaster is off.
  • Jennifer and Lilian enjoy a drink at The Bull – outside, to be precise, because Lilian needs the nicotine. There is no rapprochement in prospect. Lilian knew what Matt was like but thought they had turned a corner. What next? Lilian is certainly not going crawling back.
  • Elizabeth has a nice surprise for Kathy – one of Hugh’s best cakes. It will be perfect for her birthday tea.
  • Jennifer encourages Lilian to talk to Matt but she is determined to let the dust settle. Lilian is blissfully unaware how uncomfortable Sid and Jolene are but Jennifer offers Home Farm as an alternative. Lilian wants Matt to give more thought to making amends; until he does she is staying put.

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