Matt dumps Lilian at the side of a motorway after admitting to needing a speed rush and suicidal thoughts.

Radio Times: Lilian gets a crash-course in Matt’s mindset.

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  • Lilian is finally fed up with Matt not telling here where he is going so she gets into the car with him and refuses to get out. Matt admits he doesn’t go anywhere; he just drives really fast on the motorway as a method of driving all that is happening to him out of his mind. He had thought about giving that extra touch on the wheel which would end it all but the thought of Lilian has stopped him but now Lilian is in the car, maybe now is the time. Lilian gets very frightened and demands to be let out. Matt screeches to a halt, dumps her on the edge of the motorway and drives off.
  • It is Adam’s turn to present Debbie’s cropping plan to the board. It goes well and Home Farm keeps the contract for the estate for another year. Jennifer is worried how Will will react and Brian admits telling him his plans for extra cover crops won’t go ahead. While they are discussing it, Adam rushes in and says he has had a call from Lilian and must go and rescue her. She is hysterical. Jennifer wants to go too but Adam says it would be best if she didn’t and heads to Worcestershire.

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