Matt has £1,644,736 confiscated. Lynda spies a falcon. Kate imposes herself on Willow Farm.

Radio Times: Kate catches up with an old comrade.

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  • The crown court hearing is over. Matt has £1,644,736 confiscated. Chalkie, who owned more of the company, has £3.5M to pay. Lilian tells Paul all about it in a long phone conversation from the car immediately afterwards. When he hears she’s in London overnight on the 30th for son James’ birthday, he suggests meeting the following day. Let’s make a day of it, she says.
  • With Alan ducking out, Lynda, Robert, and Neil are to spend two nights each, sequentially, in his tent to keep the fund raising going. They hope others will join them. Lynda’s had the tent moved to the churchyard and her plan works; she spots a peregrine falcon by the tower.
  • Kate drops in on Lynda and mentions looking at the village website when she’s nostalgic for Ambridge and how Phoebe will be a teenager next year.
  • Hayley’s meeting Phoebe from the school bus. Kate and Sipho appear, to Phoebe’s delight, and Hayley finds they’re all back at Willow Farm, a Twilight DVD’s on for Kate and Phoebe, who’s all excited, and Roy’s feeding Sipho in the kitchen. Roy says Kate’s always been spontaneous. No, presumptuous, says Hayley. She’ll be glad when Kate goes back to South Africa for another three years.

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