Matt has heard about plans for another digester. Joe is worrying about missing Mildred when she goes home next week.

Radio Times: Joe and Mildred count their blessings.

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  • Eddie is planning to take George to a car boot sale where he has a pitch. Neil and Susan aren’t happy about it but they can’t really object after the incident when George was knocked over by pigs. It’s all because Eddie is getting jealous because of Neil’s relationship with George. They are both still worried about Emma. She seems washed out but Neil puts it down to him getting closer to William again.
  • Matt has heard rumours that there is another farm planning a digester in the area – one that would take food waste. There is a worry that is why the Development Agency is dragging their feet because they want to put the money elsewhere. At least the maze is doing well. The dinosaur theme seems very popular.
  • Joe and Mildred enjoy a picnic in the churchyard. She is due to fly back to Canada at the end of next week and Joe tries to persuade her to stay. She says no but does sound a little hesitant. They agree just to enjoy the time they’ve got.

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