Pat and Tony win their planning application.

Radio Times: Pat and Tony go into battle.

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  • It’s the night of the planning meeting and Pat is hoping for a lot of support. Annabelle turns up but no sign of Matt. Pat makes a good job of her submission at the meeting. Annabelle makes a similarly clear response. However, the Committee decides that the financial damage to Bridge Farm means the application should be turned down. Pat and Tony make their peace with Annabelle – she was only doing her job – but it’s one in the eye for Matt.
  • Joe and Mildred are off to a charity tea dance in Darrington. But Clarrie is worrying about how Joe will feel once Mildred goes home.
  • Ed isn’t any more cheerful. Doesn’t seem to be just worrying about the results of the TB tests though. Clarrie tries to persuade him to talk and happens to mention that Emma was in a state too when Will went round. That stops him saying anything and he claims it’s just the TB.

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