Matt is beginning to think he should accept Brian’s offer of a seat on a new company for the market.

Radio Times: Jazzer begs a favour and Matt has some serious thinking to do.

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  • The I Love the Bull T-Shirts have arrived. Everyone is very positive. Jolene is worried about the Quiz though. Supposing Jim makes it too high brow.
  • Jazzer turns up in a mood. His brother has been stealing from him and he has walked out of his mother’s house. He asks to stay at the Bull but Fallon is far from sure. After talking to Jolene, they decide that since Jazzer obviously still fancies her it is better not. Jolene will let him down gently. In the meantime, Kathy has offered to work with Freda on revamping the Bull menu.
  • Matt isn’t really keen on discussing the proposal for the new company – he sees it as just a sop. Lilian isn’t sure, she’s heard that some members of the Board are digging in their heels but Matt is sure they will come round given time.
  • Later, Matt meets Martin from the BL Board. After a bit of “discussion”, Martin makes it clear there are other options for the land without Matt’s ransom strip. At home, Matt is troubled by whether Martin was bluffing or not. Maybe he should give Brian/Adam’s idea another thought.

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