The anniversary diversion works after a fashion. Jamie is obviously upset that Kenton and Kathy have split up.

Radio Times: Elizabeth and Nigel are set to celebrate their anniversary, while Kenton is forced to think on his feet.

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  • Kenton carries out his plan to distract Elizabeth. It’s tough going because Kenton hasn’t really given Barry enough material to lie and Nigel takes longer than he expected to prepare. Kenton returns with Elizabeth in quite a foul mood but once she realises he was only trying to help, she is pleased with Kenton and Nigel.
  • Pip is busy getting ready for the barn dance and for her driving test. She’s a bit worried that Josh may be planning to gate crash the dance with his mates. David promises to talk to him but he’s a bit upset because Jamie wouldn’t talk to him and teased him at school. David reckons it’s because he knows Kathy and Kenton have split up and Jamie and Kenton were pretty close.

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