Matt joins the poker school and Alistair suspects that he is not being entirely honest.

Radio Times: Nigel raises the stakes.

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  • Calamity! Lynda has organised a rehearsal on Kenton’s poker night. However, he has a cunning plan. It involves Eddie and mobile phones. Nigel calls at Jaxx Caff, fresh from a charity ‘do’ at the Town Hall, where he has recruited a new player – it’s Matt Crawford.
  • Eddie’s friend Snatch has just what he needs, camouflage netting for the barn. Joe is worried that it will not hide the turkeys from the prying eyes of the Snell woman and maybe they should tell the Health people. Eddie decides against.
  • The rehearsal is in full cry, although Lynda does not appear to be giving it her full attention. Nigel’s phone goes off but he is not allowed to call Lizzie back. Alistair’s phone goes off but he is not allowed to call Shula back. Kenton’s phone … . Having insisted that all phones are turned off, Lynda is rather disconcerted, when her own rings – she thought she had turned it off. (She had – naughty Kenton! Eddie, of course, made that call.) Anyway they manage to convince her that this lapse is due to her tiredness and they should call it a day.
  • At the poker school, the last hand is down to Nigel and Matt. At Matt’s instigation the stakes rise sharply; Nigel has a flush, which is too good for Matt, so Nigel wins handsomely. Matt is very complimentary about Nigel’s play and mentions that he has some friends who play occasionally; perhaps Nigel would like to join them. Alistair smells a rat; he noticed that Matt did not actually show his losing hand. He suspects that Matt could be taking Nigel for a ride but Nigel is confident that he can handle Matt Crawford.

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