Back to the drawing board: Greg’s plans for the extra shoots do not meet with Brian’s approval.

Radio Times: Tensions deepen between Brian and Greg.

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  • Brian and Adam are talking strawberries and are off to see a fruit farm, so when Greg turns up (as per Brian’s request) to talk about the shoot, he is put off – and put out!
  • In the veg shop, Helen has big ideas about Christmas displays. It’s a lot of work but with a big supermarket round the corner and overheads creeping up they need a good Christmas.
  • Still picking strawberries in October! Brian is impressed. The secret is to keep the crop covered. Adam has convinced him that it is the way forward, so they will go ahead.
  • In The Bull, Greg is at a loose end with Helen working late. Brian and Adam call in for a quick one, to celebrate their decision, so Brian has the opportunity for that talk with Greg.
  • Brian is happy with the Greg’s figures, he has done a thorough job there, but he is not happy with the location of the new drives: they will restrict access to parts of the farm and may disrupt field work. Greg must think again.
  • Pat and Helen are pleased with their evening’s work; the shop looks great. Helen is surprised to find Greg already home but it gives Pat the opportunity to invite them over for Christmas dinner. That Greg’s acceptance is less than rapturous is down, not to his earlier run-in with Pat, but to Brian Aldridge. He won’t bore Helen with the details and he won’t allow it to spoil Christmas.
  • Brian is interested to hear about last night’s poker game, from which Nigel came away with best part of £300. He feels that Nigel will need more than luck to get past Matt Crawford; for the next game he and Alistair had better beware.

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