Oliver and Ed win Supreme Champion at the Prime Stock show; Hayley is getting desperate.

Radio Times: Victory for Oliver and Ed.

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  • At the Prime Stock Show, Ruth and David are admiring Oliver’s entry, groomed by Ed; Oliver is more hopeful than last year. Ed already has something to celebrate: he has passed his driving theory test.
  • Hayley is Christmas shopping with the twins and meets Shula; also, she has been looking in estate agents for places to rent. Although she shouldn’t moan, it’s the little things that are beginning to get to her; Mike is driving her nuts with a Christmas tape. There is always Honeysuckle cottage but it’s bound to cost a fortune.
  • David is doing well getting rid of his Hereford beef leaflets. They too meet Shula and invite her to Brookfield for Christmas dinner but she has already arranged to go to Alistair’s father, who is not well. Oliver and Ed have won ‘best in class’ and when the judging is complete, they emerge as the Supreme Champions.
  • Hayley is struggling to explain to the twins why, in a pantomime, the principal boy is played by a woman and the dame by a man. She is also struggling to come to terms with the rent on Honeysuckle Cottage. She was right; it does cost a fortune. Roy has joined them but his words of comfort, viz that they are not homeless, do not hit the spot.
  • Ed is ecstatic – “Grange Farm rules” – and lunch is on Oliver. They have been photographed with the winning animal, so Ed will be in the paper doing something good for a change. It gets better; Oliver insists that Ed can take a lot of the credit for all the work he has put in and is happy to share the winnings: Ed is £200 better off. That’s a brilliant Christmas bonus.

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