Matt “let’s Jade go”. Adam is less than impressed Matt has hired Debbie.

Radio Times: Matt quits while he’s ahead.

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  • Matt and Lilian are off to lunch at Home Farm. Matt is a bit late because he’s given Jade her notice and she’s already left – even thought he had to give her a very generous package. Jade tried to claim that the pregnancy test wasn’t hers – but whose else could it be. Matt appears to agree he’s made a mistake and Lilian thinks he should learn from his mistakes – or another error could be very expensive.
  • Lynda feels they need to draw a halt to their nightly watches. They’ve not seen anything in over a week. David tries to sound upset. He’s not sure it’s a good idea for her to pay a direct visit to Borchester Off Road club.
  • Adam turns up for Sunday lunch at Home Farm and Brian and Debbie are rather surprised to see him. Debbie had decided to accept Matt’s offer of a job. Adam sounds less than thrilled.
  • Lynda is delighted by the fawn. She even decides it would make a good photo for the Echo. Josh is delighted.
  • Debbie tells Matt she will take the job and she, Brian and Matt are all very pleased. Adam slouches off in another sulk.

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