Borchester Land have put in an offer for the golf course so Oliver and Caroline may be able to make a success of Grey Gables on its own!

Radio Times: Caroline does some detective work.

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  • Kirsty has a slightly awkward early morning encounter with Tom after she’s been spending the night with Sam. But she’s impressed with his catering van.
  • Mike is having trouble with getting enough customers for the milk round. It’s too difficult with the prices the supermarkets are offering. The round might see him through to retirement. Oliver is even surprised to find it’s not local milk. Caroline is more concerned about getting Carly out of bed.
  • Emma has started back at work. She’s finding it a bit of a struggle but absolutely loving it. She gives Kirsty a lift home and that means she would end up meeting Brenda and Tom together. Kirsty makes a hasty excuse.
  • Caroline gets a call from Peggy to say she’s had an offer on the golf course. The hotel just isn’t viable without it. They might just as well forget it. But after finding out that it’s Borchester Land that is after the golf course, just buying the hotel on its own really might work!

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