Matt meets his match in Brian.

Radio Times: The pressure takes its toll on Matt.

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  • Things are going rapidly downhill between Fallon and Ed. They go into Borchester and Fallon suggests lunch, but Ed’s moody and difficult. He refuses to go to Jaxx, but Fallon appears not to realise why, though she does ask whether Will has got George. In the end Ed says he’s not hungry, and wants to go home.
  • Matt’s at the end of his tether for several reasons. Lilian won’t leave the ‘trace your family’ issue alone, despite Matt’s very firm insistence that he’s just not interested, and then, of course, there’s the issue of the digester. He’s rude to Tony, who has made it clear that he has no wish to speak to Matt with family relationships under threat because of Matt’s behaviour. Lilian feels the need to defend her family.
  • Adam tells Brian all about the Brookfield pull-out from the digester scheme, and his fears that they’ve lost out on it. Brian decides to go and see Matt about it, which makes Adam realise Brian does have some good points after all.
  • Matt blusters and storms at Brian, who stands his ground. Brian refuses to alienate the village by building a bigger digester and having waste transported through the village. If it means withdrawing his offer of a site at Home Farm, he’ll do just that. And if necessary, he’ll withdraw from Borchester Land, too.

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