Matt moves to find his mother. Neil has visions of regaining his son-in-law.

Radio Times: Matt digs deep into the past.

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  • Joe and Eddie are both worried that Ed might go off the rails again but they recognise that they can’t run his life for him. Then they spot Lynda in the field at the bottom of their garden, near Bartleby’s stable; she pleads innocence.
  • Matt has not been answering Lilian’s calls. His meeting with Social Services went as well as could be expected; now he is chilling out before going home.
  • Joe is buying chocolates for Mildred and has to put up with quite a lot of teasing from Susan and Neil as well as Eddie. Lynda, seeing Eddie’s van outside the shop, claims to have conclusive proof that Joe is feeding oats to Bartleby but they will have to wait for Thursday’s Transition Village meeting. Bring it on!
  • Neil has the idea to invite Will to stay for tea when he brings George back, in the hope of repairing his relationship with Emma.
  • Matt delivers a full report on his meeting with Lindsey. There are things to think about, for example, if his mother is still alive she might not want to see Matt. Nevertheless he is going ahead and has already set the ball rolling to get his birth certificate.
  • Mike and Kenton are both trying to sign Neil up for their tug o’ war teams; he will bide his time and see which looks the stronger team. Tea with Will went well; Neil wonders whether they might get back together. He likes Will; he is trustworthy and hard working (is there an implied contrast there with is brother?) and he is George’s dad. It would be ideal.

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