Ed faces a single life. David shows Adam his displeasure over the delay with harvesting his barley.

Radio Times: David gets sent to the back of the queue.

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  • Oliver and Ed have next week’s TB tests on their minds but Oliver also cares about Ed’s emotional state. Ed saw Fallon yesterday and she looked terrible – she’s lost weight and has black rings under her eyes. He feels he should never have started going out with her. Every time he has a relationship (that’ll be twice!) it turns out badly; he is better off on his own.
  • Adam has a favour to ask Brian: a spring has gone on one of the trailers so could he nip into Borchester for a new one. David, anxious about his barley, calls just after Adam has left and Brian offers him a sloping shoulder.
  • Over lunch at The Bull, Oliver explains to Caroline that both he and Ed are taking comfort in how good and healthy the cows are looking but they both know that the test will show up cases long before there are any other signs. They just hope for the best and that the long term programme to feed minerals to the badgers will be effective.
  • Brian had to go to Lincolnshire for the spare spring but is back in time to witness David’s confrontation with Adam. David understands Adam’s need to operate the combine efficiently but it’s putting his barley at risk. Brian is not slow to make the point that Adam needs to have regard to good PR as well as good decisions.

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