Adam relents over the barley. Usha is overjoyed by a present from Ma and Pa.

Radio Times: Ed gets used to the single life.

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  • Usha and Ruth are on a mission – to choose Usha’s wedding dress. There’s a parcel arrived that she thinks is food from Satya but it isn’t: it’s a gorgeous wedding sari from Ma and Pa; it means a lot. To Felpersham …
  • Adam has relented and made an early start on Brookfield’s barley; David is appreciative.
  • Jazzer persuades Ed to go to the Bull to eat but Ed will stay in the garden: he thinks Fallon would prefer it and there is no way they can get back together.
  • Having seen Pat, Ruth thinks she looks very stressed. It’s hardly surprising. Usha cautions that they will have to prepare well to get everything across in two minutes. Usha is beginning to despair of finding a suitable dress but there is one more shop to go.
  • David is shattered and looking forward to a break. Adam cheers him up with the news that Annabelle has got £24K off the cost of their grid connection. Thus enthused, they are determined to finish the barley tonight.
  • Jazzer is still suspicious that Ed might be interested in Emma and suggests a night on the beer, if Oliver will do the milking. He reckons that Ed needs to get away from Ambridge.

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