Matt’s cross about missing keys. Caroline’s cross about the Dower House. Oliver’s cross about Carly. Adam’s cross about mess.

Radio Times: Adam gets houseproud.

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  • Matt’s in a foul mood because he’s lost the office keys, and he’s not helped by Lilian’s refusal to think of anything other than her new lipstick. She’s still confounding Matt by making out that she doesn’t mind his going to Paris without her and with Jade.
  • Caroline’s in a foul mood, too, because the sale of the Dower House has fallen through. She demands that Oliver phone Duncan yet again, but Oliver isn’t keen to push things with him.
  • Yet another foul mood is in evidence at Honeysuckle Cottage, where Adam is berating Ian about his slovenly ways. Adam says he’s been working all morning and can’t take the mess he finds when he gets home; Ian points out that he’s been cooking all morning – Matt and Lilian are coming to lunch.
  • As Matt and Lilian stop off at the business units in the quest for Matt’s keys, they meet Alistair, who’s been called out to deal with a Muntjac that’s been hit by a car. Unsurprisingly, he’s not in the best of moods, either; he was up late playing Poker on line. Matt tells him there’s to be another Poker session on Tuesday; Alistair seems almost cheerful at the prospect.
  • Now it’s Oliver’s turn for a foul mood, caused this time by Carly’s refusal to speak to them, to eat lunch, and indeed to behave in any semblance of a reasonable way. Caroline says they need a more subtle approach.
  • The lunch goes well, and Adam is a touch less self-righteous about household order. Ian suggests employing a cleaner, and Adam agrees – though Ian will have to tidy up before she comes.

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