Matt’s loss at poker is the talk of the village. Kathy seems a bit more relaxed with Kenton after the football match.

Radio Times: Kenton takes some responsibility.

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  • Ambridge is just about finishing the polytunnels for Adam. Adam is still not convinced that Brian’s trip to Paris with Jennifer is “purely business” and Debbie is joining them for a week too. Ian thinks he should stop moaning. Ed is also still moaning – about Bruno.
  • Kathy manages to make a phone call to Kenton about the football match. She even sounds a little positive. She is pleased Jamie is happy. And she tries to make some conversation. She’s even heard about the poker match and Matt’s splurge! What an idiot!
  • Matt is also the talk of the Bull. They are amazed he’s even shown his face but he doesn’t even seem bothered. But even that doesn’t beat Bert’s proficiency at texting – or the camera on the green. Sid seems a bit put out that Jolene is off rehearsing again as well.
  • Kenton brings Jamie back a bit late – but overall, Kathy seems a touch more relaxed.

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