Eddie accuses Bruno of a vendetta against his family but Oliver gives him the benefit of the doubt.

Radio Times: Clarrie gets her feathers ruffled.

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  • Clarrie finds a dead crow nailed to their door. Someone really seems to have it in for them. Then Eddie also finds “grass” has been sprayed on the lawn. He’s pretty sure it’s down to Bruno. But they are going to have to be clever to beat him. Eddie will go round himself to talk to Oliver.
  • Lambing has started in earnest at Brookfield. Bert is still having trouble with with his mobile phone – he still thinks text messages are immoral despite the cost of calls. And his typing leaves something to be desired too.
  • Oliver finds it hard to believe that Bruno can be responsible for all of the trouble the Grundy’s are having. He won’t condemn him with no proof. He says he will talk to him but that’s not enough for Eddie. When Bruno turns up Eddie accuses him and Oliver orders him away but of course Bruno denies everything to Oliver. Oliver stresses whoever did it, that sort of behaviour is unacceptable.

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